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46th Science Atlantic Biology Conference 2016

March 11-13, 2016, Saint Mary’s University

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Science Atlantic Undergraduate Research Award (Award Description)

Oral, first place

Bio - Emily Bond

Emily Bond
Dalhousie University
Pre-nesting behaviour of Western Atlantic leatherback sea turtles, Dermochelys coriacea

Oral, second place

Bio - Jacob Hambrook

Jacob Hambrook
University of New Brunswick, Fredericton
Insights into the establishment and regional expansion of an exotic swim bladder nematode of American eels

Oral, third place

Bio - Taylor Brown

Taylor Brown
Acadia University
Fall migration decisions of Northern Saw-whet Owls at an ecological barrier

Poster, first place

Bio - Thomas Huynh

Thomas Huynh
Dalhousie University
In Vitro validation of FAM156 as a potential mediator of paclitaxel resistance in breast cancer

Poster, second place

Bio - Natasha Collins

Natasha Collins
Memorial University
Investigation of growth rates in thyasirid bivalves

Poster, third place

Bio - Alyssa BeLong

Alyssa BeLong
Mount Allison University
Identification of Rickettsia species in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick ticks

Poster, honourable mention

Bio - Melanie Bishop

Melanie Bishop
University of New Brunswick, Saint John
Testing the effects of sediment acidification and predator cues on the burrowing behaviour of juvenile Mya arenaria

Poster, honourable mention

Bio - Hilary Brewis

Hilary Brewis
Dalhousie University
Landscape Genetics Of Lake Chub (Couseius Plumbeus) In A Branching River Drainage In Northern Labrador


Science Atlantic Communication Award, sponsored by Canadian Science Publishing (Award Description)


Bio - Jennifer Poirier

Jennifer Poirier
Saint Francis Xavier University
The Eastern Mountain Avens: A survival story


Bio - Ashley Fletcher

Ashley Fletcher
Saint Mary’s University
Horizontal transmission of the microsporidia, Nosema adaliae, from the Adalia bipunctata to the Chrysoperla carnea


Botany Award, sponsored by the Canadian Botanical Association (Award Description)

Bio - Emily Corkum

Emily Corkum
Dalhousie University
Floral sex allocation in three species of Lobelia


Past Student Award Winners