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Science Atlantic Biology Conference

March 8-10, 2019  |  Crandall Universty, Moncton NB

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The Biology Committee is one of ten subcommittees in Science Atlantic dedicated to a specific field of study. Our main event is the annual Science Atlantic Undergraduate Biology Conference (AUBC), which gives honours students a chance to present the results of their research. The conference is held each March in conjunction with the Aquaculture and Fisheries Conference.

Members of the Science Atlantic Biology Committee meet twice per year – once in the fall (typically the first week of November) and again during the AUBC in the spring. These meetings provide members with the opportunity to discuss a variety of topics ranging from the organization of field courses to commonalities between institutions in the biology field. They are also used to plan upcoming conferences.


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Atlantic Field Courses

Students registered at institutions in Atlantic Canada may be eligible to take courses at other Atlantic
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