Mandate of the Animal Care Committee

The Science Atlantic Animal Care Committee promotes animal welfare at member institutions by sharing best practices in animal care and implementing collaborative projects that support this objective. The Committee also serves the member institutions by collectively addressing directives and guidelines of the Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) as they impact the research and teaching environments particular to Atlantic Canada.

Animal Care Scientific Merit Reviewer Database

In an effort to assist universities in our region comply with national requirements regarding the ethical use and care of animals involved in research projects, the Science Atlantic Animal Care Committee maintains a database of volunteers available to review animal care protocols. The Canadian Council on Animal Care in Science (CCAC) is the national organization responsible for setting and maintaining standards for animal use and care in research. CCAC requires that all research projects involving animals be reviewed for scientific merit prior to final approval of the project by an institution’s Animal Care Committee.

The Science Atlantic Animal Care Scientific Merit Reviewer Database aims to provide an appropriate pool of potential reviewers with declared expertise to help Atlantic researchers meet this requirement. We hope this will assist in connecting research projects with viable peer reviewers and continue to improve the quality of animal research in the Atlantic region.

To volunteer as a reviewer, please complete the SA Animal Care scientific merit reviewer agreement letter and send to Joy Knight, the database administrator.

To request a review, please contact the Animal Care Committee Chair, Jacqueline Blundell.

Procedures for Accessing the Database of Scientific Merit Reviewer


Jacqueline Blundell

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