Science Atlantic Science Communication Award

Sponsored by Canadian Science Publishing


The Award

The Science Atlantic Science Communication Award is offered at each of the annual Science Atlantic-sponsored student conferences. The prize is awarded to the student who is best able to communicate a science topic to his or her peers. The award consists of a letter of commendation and a cash prize.  As well, winners in the disciplines sponsored by Canada Science Publishing (see below) will be offered the opportunity to write a blog post about the winner’s research with professional editorial support.  These articles will be posted on the Science Borealis blog.

The award may be split into two prizes (one for an oral and one for a poster presentation) at the discretion of the judging committee.


Each conference organizing committee determines the judging committee membership. Some committees involve students, some have a ballot vote of all conference attendees, and some are professors in the discipline.

The judging committee has the right to not give an award in any competition. If there are fewer than three students eligible to compete for this award at any conference, the award may not be disbursed.

The decision of the judges is final.


Awards at the Aquaculture & Fisheries, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Environment, and Physics & Astronomy conferences are sponsored by Canadian Science Publishing.

Awards at the Mathematics & Statistics and Computer Science conference and the Psychology conference are sponsored by Science Atlantic.

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